Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Mold A automatic die-cutting machine is very good to die-cut hologram sticker precisely and fast. It's suitable to die-cut hologram stickers in roll very precisely by tracing white register mark. It has slitter which can slit big hologram sticker roll into small rolls.

Performance and Characteristics:

  • Automatic anti-deviation when unwinding foil. It can improve precision of unwind to decrease deviation in horizontal direction
  • Intelligent photo electricity location position ability. It can locate the right position of white register mark precisely.
  • Computer control technology. It's easily to set parameters for die-cutting according different speed and size of stickers.
  • Rotation ability of dit-cutting mold. It can help to adjust mold position precisely and can die-cut sticker in some special direction.
  • Rewind independently which improve to rewind the waste film smoothly.
  • Two sets reminder to help rewind small rolls after slitting smoothly.

Main Parameters:

  • Die cutting width and length: a.200X200mm2 b.300X200mm2
  • Width of foil go through: 340 mm
  • Die-cutting speed: 250 times/min (max)
  • Register mark Positioning precision: 0.10mm
  • Precision to rectify a deviation: 0.15 mm
  • Max unwind Diameter: 500mm, Max rewind Diameter: 400mm, Max rewind Diameter for waste film: 350mm
  • Min slitting width: 12mm
  • Thickness of liner: > 65/g glassine liner
  • Power: 220V 2000W
  • Dimension: 450mm*900mm*1400mm
  • Weight: 700Kg