Automatic Sequin Punching Machine

Automatic sequin punching machine Model BPM-ASP-125 is used to punch sequins (Colored plastic slices) of different colors and shapes on garments, curtain and other ornaments. It is widely applied at sectors of garments Processing and embroidery of home textile and other.

ornaments. Adopting 200V / 50 HZ AC supply, this machine can adjust punch speed at 0~420 times / min freely with friction-driving reeling device ; Punch times can be set at 0~99999 times at random; Feed devices adopts the advanced photoelectric system and tamping device adopts the most advanced bilithic mould made of import material which features low noise, long life span and quick speed. The machine adopts fully - enclosed structure and applies advanced plastic-spraying technology on its body and frame as well as adopts adjustable non-fastening chassis. As a result this machine has the characteristic of compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, easy and safe to operate and take up little space, etc. This machine is indeed a beautiful and economical sequin punch. Main Technical Parameters :

  • Width of sequin film (colored plastic film) 125MM
  • Power: 220V / 50HZ
  • Installed Power: Drive Motor : .5 KW
    Stand-by Motor : 120 W-120 Weach Set 90 W-90 Weach Set
  • Punch Speed:0~420times/min
  • Tamping device: Bilithic Type
  • Counting length: 0~99999x10x100
  • Overall Size: 500x1000x1300